Zombie Killer- Road Reaper

Zombie Killer- Road Reaper

Uploaded: February 5, 2018
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Category : Daydream
Developers: GreatSimple
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Zombie Killer- Road Reaper has a 3D game screen and rich game elements!

In Zombie Killer- Road Reaper, you can shoot the zombie to death, also you can hit and smash the zombie with your car!

Shoot the zombie's head can get more gold coins reward!

Game Features:
◆ 2 kinds of game modes: story mode, endless mode;
◆ Story mode has eight grades, each grade has 10 levels, a total of 80 levels;
◆ Endless mode has 2 kinds: endless shooting mode, endless driving mode;
◆ Adapt to all Android devices above Android 4.0;
◆ Multiple reward system, in addition to the level of victory can be rewarded, you can also get better turntable gold coins and props incentives!
◆ No WiFi, no problem.

◆ Shooting mode mobile center of gravity aiming;
◆ Click fire to shoot;
◆ Driving mode click on the left and right buttons to offset the vehicle;
◆ Click sprint for super acceleration.

Now is the time to face the end of the world, shoot and smash as many zombies as possible, let the tens of thousands of zombies fear of your name!

Upgrade your equipments, increase their lethality, and kill all the surrounded dead walking!

Come and pick up your arms to save the end of this zombie rage!

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