Yesterday Origins

Yesterday Origins

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Adventure
Developers: Anuman
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In 1481, young John was publicly humiliated and dragged along the street. The Spanish Inquisition accuses him of witchcraft, for which John was thrown into prison, where he would be tortured. After some time with him will happen alchemical transmutation, through which he will become immortal. But it’s too early to rejoice. After each resurrection, John completely loses his memory of his past and himself. It has been more than 500 years that John and his new girlfriend Pauline are looking for an ancient artifact, which is necessary in order to reproduce the satanic ritual. During this adventure they will have to meet with many people who want to get an artifact before our heroes at any cost and it’s up to you to help John and Pauline!

Game features:

  • Original plot of the game
  • A combination of different styles: detective, thriller, adventure, occult
  • Original black humor
  • More than 10 different places to visit and more than 50 landscapes
  • li>

  • More than 25 colorful characters
  • Original soundtrack
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