World of Fishers, Fishing game

World of Fishers, Fishing game

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Games
Developers: Fobos 17
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World of Fishers, Fishing game – great fishing for android, where you can fish anywhere in your phone or tablet. Plunge into the beautiful and fascinating world of fishing and enjoy excellent graphics and numerous water bodies. Start your game with the fact that catching perch and minnows in the nearest lake and get to a real prey such as a white shark and crocodiles. In total in this game you find more than 1050 fish and water inhabitants that will please you with realistic physics of behavior. Fishing around the world and going through various quests and missions. Also the game will please you with a wide range of weather conditions and a change of day and night, which will directly depend on the biting.

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