Who Is The Killer (Episode II)

Who Is The Killer (Episode II)

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Puzzle
Developers: Guts United
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Who Is The Killer (Episode II) – the second episode of the famous game about the murder and search for a criminal. Game in the style of the quest – there was a murder, you need to find a killer. You are pressured by one condition – if you do not find a criminal until the end of the day, the next morning you will get a new corpse and new puzzles. The circle of suspects of course is narrowing, but are lost human lives worth it ?! Communicate with the suspects, and they are all present, think and make assumptions! The game is not simple – each action is limited to a cup of coffee and you can replenish them only at the expense of successfully played mini-games that are related to the murder! A fascinating and unusual game!

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