vTime: The VR Social Network

vTime: The VR Social Network

Uploaded: February 5, 2018
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vTime is the world's first sociable network in virtual reality on mobile. Completely cross-platform, vTime is now available for Google Daydream in early access.

Our VR social network allows you to chat and share with friends and family, from wherever they are in the world, in incredible virtual destinations using only your phone, a Daydream-ready headset, and earbuds with a built in microphone.

• Be sociable, together: vTime allows you to socialize and chat with family and friends in virtual reality from wherever you are in the world.

• Upload your flat and 360 images to share with friends: Share 2D photos in The Archive, The Boardroom, or chat together with family and friends inside your memories in the 360 Gallery.

• Make it personal: Convey more of what makes you unique with thousands of avatar customisation options and millions of bespoke facial combinations, with more personalization options on the way.

• Choose your destination: Relax and chat with friends in any one of our 20 beautifully realized environments, with new and seasonal environments launching throughout the year.

• Express yourself with vMote gestures – our suite of 17 virtual emojis for you to use in-session, including wave, blow kiss, and celebrate!

• Keep your friends close: Build and manage friends lists to easily connect, and see when your VR social circle is online.

• Stay in touch with ‘vText’: Private message vTime friends whether they’re online or offline.

• Express yourself: Add interests and spoken languages to your public profile, making it even easier to find compatible users to chat with.

• Immersive audio: Full 3D spatial audio creates a sense of “being there”. If you’re using ear buds, make sure they’re in the correct ear!

• Take a vSelfie:What goes on in our VR social network doesn't have to stay there! Take vSelifes of yourself and your friends and share your vTime experiences! (vSelfies are saved to your account area of www.vTime.net)

• Low bandwidth: Connect over 3G, 4G, cellular, or WI-FI.

How to vTime

– Download the vTime app – it’s FREE!! (And free to use!)
– Plug your earphones/ mic in and fire up vTime
– If it’s your first time then follow the instructions to set up an account – you’ll need to authorize your device through an email we’ll send you.
– Drop back in and off you go!
– Join existing sessions or invite others to join you as the host from the connections screen (just stare at their avatar pictures).
– If you like them, invite them to be your friend!
– Keep ‘Random Match’ on for a while to make yourself visible to existing vTime users. (Switch it off at any time by selecting the icon under your avatar bubble on the menu.)
– In a session, you’ll see a crown over the host’s head. The host controls where you go in vTime
– You can visit our website http://www.vTime.net anytime. Login and manage your account from there – plus, that’s where you’ll find any vSelfies you’ve taken.

We really want and value your feedback! Help us make vTime the sociable network you want – let us know what you think of our network on http://www.vtime.net or email [email protected] and follow us at @vTimeNet and facebook.com/vTimeNet.

• When you first start up vTime, extra data will be downloaded onto your phone. As this a large download (>350Mb) we suggest you connect using WiFi.

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