Unknown: Matter of Time (Full)

Unknown: Matter of Time (Full)

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Games
Developers: Big Fish Games
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Unknown: Matter of Time is a complete quest with excellent realistic graphics from the Big Fish Games studio. The plot of the game begins to evolve from the moment when your grandfather went back to the mysterious island many years ago, in search of the Golden sarcophagus that can control the passage of time, but since then no one has seen your relative. What happened? This is for you to find out. After many years you go in the footsteps of your grandfather and, ironically, your ship crashes off the coast of that very island. Whether this is an accident or a sarcophagus throws tests at you. This you will learn by going through the location after the location, solving the puzzles, solving the problems.
Unknown: Matter of Time is a game performed in the best traditions of the genre, from that it will become a worthy replenishment of the collection for all fans.

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