Ultimate Circle Of Fifths

Ultimate Circle Of Fifths

Uploaded: February 5, 2018
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Category : Daydream
Developers: Christian Hengst
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This interactive Circle Of Fifths is focussed on a certain key. It displays you which chords are major, minor or diminished within this key.

For Beginners:

Get familiar with the circle of fifths. You can compose and practice easily chord progressions and visualize them in the circle. You can practice scales in different keys and clefs. Playback scales and train your ear.

For Pro's:

Display and playback 4-note chords and practice scales from ionian to melodic minor.

All Features:


Compose progressions, playback them and see the chord relations within the circle of fifths. You can put together 4-8 bars and repeat them. In this way you can compose two parts (like verse and chorus) and hear how they sound like together!
You can adjust the tempo (40 – 240 bpm). Playback progressions with or without click and/or piano. Practice progressions along with the circle of fifths. Your progressions will be visualized in the circle. There are some predefined common progressions or you can compose your own. You can pick chords from the current key for your progressions and adjust the mode to ionian, aeolian, dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian, locrian or even harmonic and melodic minor.
You can display either the chords, roman numerals or both.
Quickly change the key for your progression. Once you've composed a progression you can quickly change the key for the whole progression.


Practice scales in different keys and modes. Available modes:

– Ionian (major)
– Aeolian (minor)

– Dorian
– Phrygian
– Lydian
– Mixolydian
– Locrian
– Harmonic minor
– Melodic minor

Practice scales in different clefs. Available clefs:

– G clef
– F clef
– C clef

Playback scales and train your ear.

Display minor chords in small letters
Display german note names (B will be H)
Display 4-note-chords

– chord symbols and chord structures are explained
– some Wikipedia articles are linked

I want to maintain this app and implement your ideas! As a freelancer I can only realize this with a little finacial support.
For you it is the price of a cappuccino, for me the possibility to offer you and improve this app!


Note: On older devices the playback function can be inaccurate (tempo). If this occurs try closing other apps and not to interact with the interface (dragging wheel, picking chords)!

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