Toodle's Toboggan

Toodle's Toboggan

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Arcade
Developers: Prisma Wave, LLC

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Raccoons are funny animals which, thanks to their hilarious appearance, humorous habits and of course the boundless possibilities of the Internet, which allowed literally everyone to get acquainted with them, have become one of the most popular representatives of the animal world. So studio developer Prisma Wave, LLC decided to please us with an endless vertical rider with these milaheads in the title role. In addition to raccoons, the game features other equally funny animals, so that everyone can pick up a character.
Toodle’s Toboggan’s game mechanics differ somewhat from the usual representatives of the genre, as well as various jumps and somersaults performed by heroes on various winter shells and skis , sleds and so on, the hero moves as if on you, and not from you as usual.

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