Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Arcade
Developers: last man standing
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Tilto! – An exciting and dynamic arcade game with elements of physics. Your main task, on each of the levels is to hold a ball from the blue portal to green, but it sounds much easier than it turns out in practice. If at the initial levels the locations are made in the form of small rooms, in which there are traps, portals, teleports and the passage of such a level of labor does not amount to, then as you move to higher levels, the complexity increases noticeably, because the locations are significantly more complicated, and sometimes they are real mazes.
In general, Tilto! an excellent arcade project that will require from you not only the speed of reaction and skill, but cleverness, which in turn will help you pomramyat not only your fingers, but also your brains.

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