The Official BBC Earth Quiz

The Official BBC Earth Quiz

Uploaded: February 5, 2018
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The Official BBC Earth Quiz will test the knowledge of the whole family, from beginners through to the most ardent budding naturalists. The game casts players in the role of a photographer travelling across eight unique environments, including arid deserts, sweeping grasslands, dense jungles and the deepest oceans.

The player's journey starts on a boat with other researchers and as they dive into the ocean they meet the most fabulous animals of the Blue Planet, such as sharks, octopuses, seals, whales and many more!

Players compete against opponents to answer questions related to the environment that they are in, all against the clock. Each correct answer unlocks content from the BBC’s incredible archive – including the very recent Blue Planet II. Once the player has managed to unlock all the content from one environment, they are then able to progress to the next.

Players that are struggling can opt for extra time to think of an answer, or choose 50/50, where two of the incorrect answers are removed. Beyond the game’s single-player experience, players can also take part in a global head-to-head multiplayer mode, the winner being the person with the most correct answers against the clock.


– Thousands of questions based on the BBC Earth universe, such as Blue Planet and Blue Planet II
– Singleplayer and Multiplayer Mode
– Optional 50/50 and additional boosters in every quiz round
– Questions in 5 levels of difficulty
– Collect valuable in-game items on your journey to complete your Knowledge Pass

• This game requires an active Internet connection.
• For the best possible experience, we recommend a Wi-Fi connection.
• Watching adverts will increase your data consumption.
• Depending on the network used, performance can vary..

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