Tales of Illyria:Destinies RPG

Tales of Illyria:Destinies RPG

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Adventure
Developers: Little Killerz
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Tales of Illyria: Destinies RPG – the third fascinating part of Illyria’s legends on android. In this game you have to choose a hero, each of them has a story, and unique quests to pass. If you do not want to pass the quests, then become an invincible mercenary and gather an army of allies to fight in the arena and travel around the world discovering the distant ports and fighting powerful dragons. Attack the caravans of merchants and take away all the gold that is. Earn the reputation of an invincible warrior and the king himself, ask you to fulfill a mission to destroy rivals in other kingdoms. Having successfully accomplished this mission, you will receive a title, estates and eternal glory in reward.


  • Each player’s personal story
  • 25 hours of continuous gameplay with the ability to play through multiplayer
  • 900 unique stories
  • 12 unique heroes
  • Hunting for exotic animals
  • Different worlds: forest, desert, mountains, savanna and jungle
  • 6 kingdoms, with dozens of villages , locks and cities
  • Dozens of improvements and new spells
  • Learn the whole story of the Illyrian battles
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