Survivors: The Quest®

Survivors: The Quest®

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Adventure
Developers: G5 Entertainment
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Survivors: The Quest / Survivors: The plot of the game unfolds after three passengers, miraculously survived a plane crash, and landed on an uninhabited island. However, they soon realize that the island is not so uninhabited as it seemed to them. Unusual buildings, an old laptop and other finds indicate that research was conducted here. But the question is who, exactly, followed these steps and for what. You have to help the survivors find a common language among themselves and unravel the secrets of the island.
Adventures do not end there, because you will need to take care of the well-being, comfort and livelihood of three passengers, and, of course, solve a lot of riddles!


  • Explore the beaches, lagoons, jungles and mountains on a picturesque tropical island.
  • Play for three different characters.

  • Control the strength, fun, comfort and friendship of each character.
  • Uncover the incredible secrets of the island and help the survivors return home.
  • Hundreds of jobs and collections will not let you get bored for months.
  • Regular free updates with exciting new content!
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