Subway Runner Surf

Subway Runner Surf

Uploaded: February 5, 2018
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Category : Daydream
Developers: KousDev
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Princess Girl : Subway Runner Surf : is a great arcarde game of vaiana on Playstore. It is a fantasy endless runing Princess Moa : Subway Dash 3D game, fun and interesting gameplay moa.

This subway surf game of vaiana is an adventure of the princess go trying to escape from police . He was lost in the City and suddenly look that the police try to catch him . It drops into city and he continue run to escapse from police. Luckily, Princess Bus Subway Dash some utilities can help him alot like shoes, rocket, magnet and skateboard…

****** How to play ******

* Swipe forward to jump
* Swipe backward to scroll with
* Swipe left to turn left
* Swipe right to turn right
* Double Tap to get a skate bord

****** Game features ********
* 3D Game
* Princess character
* Intersting graphic effect
* Vivid sound and music
* Thrilling moment, death speed

********** Items in game ***********
* Shoes: jump higher, run faster, jump over the Bus that block your character
* Mystery box: get bonus to boost your score by double the coins
* Skateboard: surf on the rail safely & quickly
* Magnet: collect coins easier with your Princess
* Rocket: a jetpack to fly on top through the skies, collect many coins With your Girl

You guys are fan of arcade and fun run games with Subway Dash 3D games can surprise that the classic imperiments like witch, princess, castle, fruit, animals are replaced by moa of this game, train and Bus.

Princess Girl : Subway Runner Surf 3D an offline game – well, it's not a online game … but it worth to be a free 3d running games of the year

As a endless run surfers game , you need to collect as many gold coins as possible to buy items and characters.

And we don't let you angry by waiting to long to play with your Subway Runner Surf Dash 3D run. Download it now and start your bus & subway and rail surfers game.

Are you ready, Download our run game for free today

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