StoneBack | Prehistory | PRO

StoneBack | Prehistory | PRO

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Adventure
Developers: BUG-Studio
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The subject of adventure survivors in recent times is extremely popular both on desktop platforms and on mobile. In turn, there is a constant development of this genre and developers are constantly looking for new ideas and approaches and a new survivor called StoneBack | Prehistory | PRO bright example.
StoneBack | Prehistory | PRO – borrowed the basic game elements from the classical representatives of the genre, food production, building a house, mining fire, sewing clothes, crafting a huge number of items and tools. Bribes and a realistic model of the surrounding world, the change of day and night, seasons, weather changes. But a particularly interesting approach has turned out with the generation of the whole world, the horizontal scrolling of an infinite randomly generated world. The only serious drawback is the lack of support for the Russian language, although StoneBack | Prehistory | PRO from domestic developers, which of course can not but upset the patriotically minded players.

Russian language: there is

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