Sticked Man Fighting

Sticked Man Fighting

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Action
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The developers of the new crazy fighting game Sticked Man Fighting decided to focus on the dynamic gameplay, without any restrictions. And so, the main characters of the game were popular characters from the sticks, better known as the Stikman, you also have to go to the streets in the role of these desperate guys and ask the heat of the bandyugans. Despite the fact that your rivals seem rather fragile, this is quite deceptive, in fact everything will turn out differently. And when you realize that you were in the thick of gang warfare and even fights without rules it’s just babbling, then you’ll appreciate all the seriousness of the situation.
Besides using your capabilities directly, that is, kulaks and kicks, you will have chance to use and improvised means, including a bit, brass knuckles, spear, sword, ax, shuriken, nunchak, and a number of other possibilities.

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