StarWarriors. online strategy

StarWarriors. online strategy

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Strategy
Developers: StarWarrior
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StarWarriors. online strategy – a sci-fi multi-player strategy for android, where you have to wage a war for the right to become a leader in this game. Join invincible alliances with other players, collect a huge fleet of 40 ships and develop your strategy of fighting. Discover a new planet, build on it your military base and protect it at all costs from enemies. Unleash large-scale wars, and also resort to diplomacy in order to achieve better results and solve problems of survival.


  • Elements of economic and military strategy
  • Excellent graphics with unique effects
  • Join alliances with other players
  • Battle against multiple players from different corners of the earth
  • Explore and gather resources over boundless spaces
  • Develop your battle strategy
  • Unique future technologies that help you quickly recover from failure
  • Many valuable prizes
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