Spirit Guardian

Spirit Guardian

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Role Playing
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Spirit Guardian – 3D RPG in real-time on the android, where you have to repel the forces of evil. In the era of spirits and heroes on earth, chaos reigned, the dark legions and spirits fought, not yielding each other in strength. But at one point the spirits smiled luck, and they managed to immerse the evil into eternal sleep. Several centuries have passed since then, on earth peace and peace has been restored. But something happened and evil returned, defeating the spirits. Your task in this game will be, to assemble a team of heroes and fight in endless battles without giving enemies, overpower you. Play with your friends and go through dangerous missions together, coming to each other to help.


  • Great animation and graphics
  • Over 70 different characters
  • Over 300 skills and abilities for your characters
  • Great game story
  • Daily updates
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