Shooting Master

Shooting Master

Uploaded: March 4, 2018
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Category : Daydream
Developers: GameQing
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2018 best field shooting game — shooting master!

play to gun Shooting game and attract millions of players around the world!

Shooting Master is the most fun shooting game ever. Your only goal is to aim and hit the bullseye, to help you train and master archery skills!

Do you like shooting games? If so, this shooter is designed for you. Hit the bullseye with a restricted sniper rifle. To become a real shooter expert, shoot the target with a real gun. If the bullet is off the bull's eye, the game will fail.

It is time to take the pistol as the ultimate shooter and hit the target with a sniper bullet. Shoot all bullies with a powerful gun. Just like any other shooting game, you have to shoot all the targets!

Shooting Master Features:

– Free to all players
– Targeting and shooting bullseye
– Addictive FPS game
– Move your finger left and right, aim and shoot
– Use gun to zoom aiming target
– Many guns available to choose from
– Accurate shooting, hand gun
– Real shot in military training
– Swipe and touch the screen to control the movement

Aim at shooting, shooting bullseye, become a real shooting master!

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