RPG Antiquia Lost

RPG Antiquia Lost

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Adventure
Developers: KEMCO
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Studio developer KEMCO is well-known to players due to their role-playing games, which are created in all sorts of directions and sub-genres.
RPG Antiquia Lost is another KEMCO project, this time the developers decided to please fans of classic Japanese rolevok using genre mechanics familiar to genre and retro graphics. The plot of the game develops around a young couple, a guy named Bin, who lives in a village called Krista, located on Fey Land and a young girl named Lunarius, who lives near the village. Most of the time, Bean fulfilled the tasks of the villagers, once he learned that Lunaria was going to the capital and decided to disperse and asked to go with her. From this moment begins the development of the plot, full of mysteries, adventures and magic.

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