Ridge Racer Draw And Drift

Ridge Racer Draw And Drift

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Racing
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Ridge Racer Draw And Drift – a new racing project from the famous developer studio BANDAI NAMCO, in the arsenal of which games such as Tekken Card Tournament and of course the PAC-MAN series. This time the guys decided to please us with a multiplayer arcade race with excellent graphics and unusual game mechanics. The gameplay combines a number of different approaches, in each race you will first need to draw a trajectory on the track, the success of the arrival will depend on the accuracy of the line, but this is not limited to just as you need to participate directly in the race itself, car in certain moments.
Of course, Ridge Racer Draw And Drift features elements of development, career, car modernization and all the other elements characteristic for this genre.

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