Relax VR: Rest, Relaxation & Meditation in VR

Relax VR: Rest, Relaxation & Meditation in VR

Uploaded: February 5, 2018
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Category : Daydream
Developers: Now VR
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Imagine if you could relax on beautiful sandy beaches, watching the clouds go by… or lie in quiet grassy hills, listening to soft melodic tunes; or gaze over vast silent oceans while doing a gentle guided meditation. All in the comfort of your own home. This is Relax VR, the ultimate relaxation experience in virtual reality.

Join over 400,000 people who have relaxed in virtual reality with Relax VR.

* 360 videos of beautiful natural landscapes, captured in 4K, from around the world
* 3D spatial audio sounds of the beach, ocean, wind and waves.
* Time-tested, proven relaxation meditation technique called Yoga Nidra
* Guided meditation recordings in calming male and soothing female voices
* Selection of soothing music

Experience what it’s really like to sit, relax and meditate at the most serene places around the world.

Relax VR guides you into the most relaxing, natural state, allowing you to rest and relax in our increasingly stressful world. Leave your passport behind and travel the world at your comfort.

Select from 8 beautiful locations including beaches,

— Wineglass Bay, Australia
— Tropical Beach, Philippines
— Up in the clouds
— Forest Creek, Germany
— Fantail Falls, New Zealand
— Rice Terraces, Philippines
— Northern Lights, USA
— 12 Apostles, Australia

Choose from male or female voices of 5 different meditations, including Yoga Nidra and Breath Awareness. All our meditations have been recorded by experienced meditation teachers.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditation technique, that reduces stress and enables deep relaxation. Research has shown its efficacy, and it is a favourite among meditation practitioners around the world.

Enjoy! May you experience lasting peace and deeper relaxation.

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