Ragnaroth RPG Free

Ragnaroth RPG Free

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Role Playing
Developers: Alex K.
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Ragnaroth RPG Free is an action movie whose plot develops in a fairy-tale world. Once, by order of the king, the most brave and skillful wars of the kingdom went to dangerous wastelands in order to exterminate all monsters and monsters, but the mission was not carried out. Many wars fell in battles with evil spirits, and the remaining soldiers built a camp in wild places, hoping to hold out until arrival of assistance. But the king was in no hurry to send help and only occasionally brave volunteers were sent to help the remaining wars. It is in the role of such a daredevil that you have to play, when you come to the site you understand that you absolutely do not know anything about where you were and now you have a difficult task not only to survive, but also to join the collective of war veterans.

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