Potion Punch

Potion Punch

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Simulation
Developers: Monstronauts Inc.
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Potion Punch – a fascinating time manager with colorful graphics and classic game mechanics. This time you have the role of the owner of the store of medicines, however, not only the management of the shop, but also the preparation of potions, the servicing of customers, the preparation of ingredients will fall on your shoulders. A feature of the game is its fantasy storyline, and as a result, unusual visitors, orcs, elves, vampires and other fairy-tale creatures who need no less fabulous potions, which in turn require rare elements.
Otherwise, Potion Punch is a classic representative genre, managing a shop, you will earn money for which you can develop your business by creating several more shops around the country, buying equipment, learning new recipes, creating yourself a name for a unique institution.

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