Pixel Arms Ex : Multi-Battle

Pixel Arms Ex : Multi-Battle

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Action
Developers: IndieFunGame
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Pixel Arms Ex: Multi-Battle is a first-person shooter on android, where you become a zombie hunter. In this game, your main task will be to clean out the bloodthirsty zombies of your city, which appeared here after the spread of the dangerous virus. There has come a zombie apocalypse, so take up arms and destroy crowds of enemies with the help of an assault rifle of machine guns, pistols and shotguns. Travel through the streets of a huge city and join forces with friends, together with a dangerous zombie. Get on the money earned unique costumes for your hero and make it unique stand out from the crowd. Receive points for each destroyed zombie and increase your rating as the game progresses, becoming the most experienced player.

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