Parker’s Driving Challenge

Parker’s Driving Challenge

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Racing
Developers: Play With Games
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What are we used to imagine when it comes to games from the genre of parking? Of course, simple toys of poor quality with an uncomplicated plot and poor graphics, and such projects simply can not be counted on mobile platforms.
But sometimes there are games of this genre in which developers have invested not only strength but also the soul, such an example can serve as a game Parker’s Driving Challenge.
Parker’s Driving Challenge is a game from the genre of parking, but the gameplay is built on an intricate plot, so you have to perform different tasks, and besides the events of the game develop in space, so in your p The arrangement will be a real flying car. Well, of course, there were some inherent attributes of the genre, such as development and improvement.

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