Orb Smash

Orb Smash

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Arcade
Developers: Tzar
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Within the framework of mobile platforms, the genre of time killers has a rather wide concept. These are not just primitive games that can help you in killing free time, but also full-fledged game projects, although not all are.
So the new arcade game called Orb Smash is a cross between a game to test the reaction and a puzzle from a series of three in a row. The gameplay for Orb Smash is extremely simple, multi-colored balls come down the tube, and your task is to distribute the streams so that the elements of the same color are gathered in the lower tubes. As you go through the gameplay will be noticeably more complicated by means of adding all kinds of elements that will require you to be even more attentive.

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