Noonkey – Healing Tears

Noonkey – Healing Tears

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Simulation
Developers: POOM GAMES
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Mobile platforms simply abound with all sorts of strange simulators, so we have already met a simulator of bread, stone and even mountains. The developers of such projects try to realize their original ideas and try to surprise the players. It turns out they have to decide for you.
But sometimes there are really interesting and ideological projects such as Noonkey – Healing Tears. In general, this is something like a simulator of crybaby, but you have to shed many tears in the role of a little girl. But here there is a hidden meaning, as is known the flow of tears makes it easier for the soul and helps to get rid of anxiety. In the game, the blessed state is symbolized by a tree of joy, which will grow only with constant watering with streams of tears.

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