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After the resounding success of the first part of Angry Birds, the developer Rovio studio released a whole series of games on this subject including races, RPGs, casual arcade, but all projects were united by one, well-known characters. But apparently it’s time to change the subject and new evil heroes have replaced the evil birds.
Nibblers is a casual arcade from the series of three-in-a-row from Rovio, the main characters of which are funny animals of Nibblers, somewhat resembling fishes, but at the same time eating only ripe and sweet fruits. But as usual even in such funny and harmless creatures there will always be ill-wishers, as it happened this time, the company of evil lizards is not at all glad that Nibblers are breaking their fruit and trying to prevent the animals. Your task is to help Nibblers get the coveted fruits, of course using unique abilities.

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