Moto Rider 3D: Blocky City 17

Moto Rider 3D: Blocky City 17

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Racing
Developers: TrimcoGames
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Moto Rider 3D: Blocky City 17 – exciting races on the android, where you take control of a motorcyclist and will spend it on all the streets of the city. In this game, your task will be not only to manage the motorcyclist, but also to transport fellow travelers. Explore the huge metropolis in this game and ride around its various areas. Press the accelerator pedal and accelerate your motorcycle to the maximum speed while still remembering to maneuver from side to side so as not to get under the wheels of another vehicle. Observe all traffic rules and avoid emergency situations. As the game progresses, improve your motorcycle or buy a new one. The game will please you with excellent block graphics, various motorcycles, interesting missions and a change of day and night.

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