Modern Strike Sniper 3D

Modern Strike Sniper 3D

Uploaded: March 4, 2018
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Category : Daydream
Developers: ALIGEN
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Modern Strike Sniper 3D is a Targeting Shooting Game!

As a gunman, you can hid in a corner sniper those enemies exposed in your field of vision!

Game features:
◆ addictive game environment;
◆ completely free, the game can use all the props to buy game props;
◆ a variety of reward system, to complete the level can get rich rewards;
◆ We will continue to update the game to ensure the best gaming experience;
◆ diverse tasks, numerous levels;
◆ a variety of types of weapons: sniper rifles, pistols, machine guns, rifles.

◆ Choose your weapon, you can carry a main weapon, a deputy weapon, alternating use;
◆ select the map, 4 maps for your pick: the desert, the factories, chemical plants;
◆ select the level: unlimited levels, any challenge you;
◆ enter the game, click the shooting button to shoot.

Win this war, like a real war hero!

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