MeteoHeroes The Beginning

MeteoHeroes The Beginning

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Puzzle
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MeteoHeroes The Beginning is an evolving puzzle game whose gameplay is built on the basis of the most striking natural phenomena. The plot, in turn, develops around six children from different parts of the world who, at the threshold of their decade, suddenly noticed that they possess a unique power, controlling various natural phenomena. As a result, scientists invited such unique children to the World Research Institute in order to get more information about these abilities, as well as to help our heroes master the skills of controlling the elements.
During the game you will have to solve various puzzles using various natural and physical phenomena, lightning, wind, rain, clouds and others. Excellent graphics combined with an exciting storyline and addictive gameplay allows you to classify MeteoHeroes The Beginning as one of the brightest puzzles published recently.

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