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Mastermind is a board game of wit and reflection. It consists of hitting a secret code composed of a sequence of colors. The code is hidden behind the upper red shield, a new one is generated for each game.

Game layout (from left to right):
1st Column: Numerical sequence that establishes the order of the game.
2nd Column: Clues.
3rd Column: Rows where the colors must be placed to guess the code.
4th Column: Colors in play.

How to play?
-The colors have to be dragged and dropped in the desired position of the row in play.
-The rows are filled consecutively from the first to the last, the order can not be altered; When a row is filled, it is blocked and it is passed to the next row.
-Once the row in play is complete, the clues appear.
-The game ends when the code is correct or complete the last row.
– Auto save/load: If you stop playing before the end of the game, it is automatically saved; in the next session, the game is automatically loaded and you can continue playing where you left off.

What do the clues indicate?
– Black color: a color that exists in the secret code has been placed in a correct position.
– White Color: a color that exists in the secret code has been placed in a wrong position.
– Empty: a color has been placed that does not exist in the secret code.

Row in game:
– Delete a color: drag and drop it out of the row.
– Change a position color: drag and drop it in the desired position.

Game types:
– Mini mastermind: secret code of 4 colors.
– Super mastermind: secret code of 5 colors.
– Mega mastermind: secret code of 6 colors.

– Initiation: the clues are personalized for each position, that is, the clue of the first position corresponds to the color of the first position, and so on.
– Advanced: the clues do not add information about the position of the colors.

– Autocomplete: available for the initiation level. When a color is correct and is in the correct position, to move to the next row, appears automatically.
– Repeated colors: the secret code may contain repeated colors.
– Extra color: one more color.
– Zoom: the row in game will appear enlarged. To move it you have to press on the number and drag.
– Sound: activate or deactivate.

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