Mars Rush

Mars Rush

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Adventure
Developers: Naked Quasar
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Mars Rush – a game that is quite difficult to attribute to a particular genre, there are elements of arcade, action, roleplaying, adventure games, all of which are rather harmoniously intertwined and creates a feeling of full immersion in the game.
The storyline develops in the distant future, at a time when mankind has actively begun to explore the remote corners of the solar system. You fell out the role of a brave ship commander and part-time space explorer. Having received the mission to land on Mars, try to establish contact. When the first part of the mission was completed and the earthlings tried to talk with the aborigines, the Martians opened fire. As it turned out later, the inhabitants of the red planet were extremely aggressive. And now your task is to help the surviving astronauts not only to survive on Mars, but also to get out.

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