Lifeline: Whiteout

Lifeline: Whiteout

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Games
Developers: 3 Minute Games
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Lifeline: Whiteout – the continuation of the exciting interactive book-game on android. In this game you will get to know the new hero Adams V who will need your help to get out of the snow-covered captivity. Our hero was alone in the middle of ice and snow, he lost his memory and does not remember how he found himself in this terrible place, the only one with whom he has a connection is you. In this game you take responsibility for the person who got into trouble, your decisions will depend on his fate. Your phone or tablet will receive notifications throughout the day, and you need to make choices and make the right decisions to help Adams get to the nearest safe place and help him regain memory. This story has several endings that will depend on your decision.

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