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Download Life Simulator 2017 APK
Life Simulator 2017

Life Simulator 2017

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Strategy
Developers: Frozen Vortex Games
Download Life Simulator 2017 APK

Within the framework of mobile platforms it is not difficult to meet a huge number of all kinds of life simulators and how strange not a large part of them are of quite acceptable quality, but developers of such projects prefer to build the game process according to certain rules, which sometimes limits the gamer’s capabilities. The creators of the new simulator of life called Life Simulator 2017 went a completely different way.
To start playing you will be in the role of a street resident, but at the same time everything is in your hands, you will have full freedom of action, having earned initial capital in various ways, you can invest money in further development and here you will also be given huge opportunities. In this case, do not forget that this is still a simulator of life, so that the hero will have to feed, warm, do not forget about the dream.

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