Iron Snout+

Iron Snout+

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Action
Developers: SnoutUp Games
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Probably it will be difficult to find a person who would not have been familiar, at least by hearsay, with the famous fairy tale about three pigs. The plot of which develops around the confrontation of the wolf and little innocent piggies and everyone certainly remembers what it ended up with. But forget all that you knew about the pink patches, and the fact that most people perceive these animals only in the form of bacon. In the new game called Iron Snout +, these creatures will appear before you in a completely different light.
You have to help the fighting pig to overcome the hordes of wolves, who only dream of enjoying tender pork, but it will be very difficult for them, because the main character does not only a steep disposition, but also well-armed, and besides does not disdain to use as weapons and severed enemy units.

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