Ice Fishing Craft: Ultimate Winter Adventure Games

Ice Fishing Craft: Ultimate Winter Adventure Games

Uploaded: February 5, 2018
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Take a trip to the Arctic Circle on winter adventure with fishing, crafting & building! Craft your fishing rod, lures and other fishing equipment, build anything you want and become an ice fishing expert! Ridiculous?

Fishing clash at the Arctic Circle
Not at all! Most fishing games let you play as a fisherman in a deep blue sea, rivers and lakes… But it takes a real man to catching a fish from an ice hole in the winter! Craft your own rod, lures and other fishing equipment. Underwater life thrives with animals like bass fish, salmon fish, whale, sea horse, sea turtle, shark, mermaid or… even true sea monster! Better be prepared to get a biggest catch on your fishing hook! However, don’t even try underwater fishing, because you have no chance for underwater survival during winter!

Craft the winter adventure – exploration off limits!
We know you love fishing games, but Ice Fishing Craft isn’t only about fishing. Craft your own way to play! Vast snowy hills, frozen lakes and blocky cities awaits for fans of exploration adventure games. Visit a Winter Park – a local adventure park – and play fun minigames! Meet local flora and fauna with such animals like arctic cat, arctic wolf, arctic penguin, arctic bear, snowy owl and many more! Meet with other fans of fishing and exploration. Chat with them about anything you want – you may even find a true love! Date them to make them your girlfriend or boyfriend. Love on winter adventure on the North Pole? Yeah!

Crafting & building in the heart of winter
Craft the adventure of yours can be expanded even more by crafting & building mode! In Ice Fishing Craft you can visit many cool places, but you can build an even cooler ones! Use blocks and blueprints for crafting & building fisherman hut, small settlement or big, cube city! Build your own attractions and have a fun bobsled run, drive a snowcat or craft a scooter and treat yourself with scooter driving! As you see, Ice Fishing Craft might be an ultimate ice fishing simulator, but it has a plenty of other features like exploration, crafting & building. Adventure in the Arctic Circle was never so exciting!

❄️ An ultimate winter. Adventure to the Arctic Cirle!
❄️ Ice fishing in winter. Craft your skills and try the hardest sport fishing!
❄️ Crafting & building mode. Get blueprints and build your own castle, igloo or whatever you want!
❄️ Game in blocky city. Visit a city and play various minigames!
❄️ Exploration adventure. Explore the Arctic Circle to meet its blocky fauna!
❄️ Love story. Meet with girls and boys and find a perfect girlfriend or boyfriend!

It’s cold outside, so don’t let yourself froze on this winter adventure. Travel to the heart of winter and craft your own story! Ice Fishing Craft is one of the rare fishing games, that lets you do much more than just fishing. Hit the DOWNLOAD button and get warm FOR FREE with some fishing & crafting in one of the best exploration adventure games of 2018!

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