Hitman Go

Hitman Go

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Puzzle
Developers: SQUARE ENIX Ltd
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Hitman GO – the game is made in the style of a turn-based strategy game with beautiful panoramic levels. You will have to navigate the grid of the map, using strategy and tactics, avoiding enemies or destroying them. You are given the choice to go to the designated place without noise. be the shadow of the enemies themselves, and in this you will not be helped by a weak arsenal: disguise, distracting maneuvers, sniper rifles, or you can reveal yourself in the first minutes and destroy everything in the dust. Also in the arsenal there is already a well-known, classic pistol of Agent 47 – Silverballer.

Features of the game Hitman GO:

  • Complex puzzles for this hired killer
  • Great visualization of game models
  • Levels with secret passages and secrets
  • Agent’s Arsenal 47
  • Different types of enemies, unique and dangerous in their own way
  • Different ways of passing: tactics or brute force
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