Heroes of Empires: Age of War

Heroes of Empires: Age of War

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Strategy
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Heroes of Empires: Age of War is a multi-player 3D real-time strategy where you need to capture the throne and destroy the dragon!
Can you become a legend? Take part in the battle for the throne and empire! And maybe the golden crown will get to you.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics and a detailed world drawn
  • GUILD. Unite with your friends in alliances. Defend and help each other! Send resources, troops and accelerate the development of your empires!
  • TAKE the fortresses of the adversaries, defend yourself and hold back the siege to your kingdom. From the right strategy and tactics depends the outcome of the war!
  • Compete with others for the top place in the ranking!
  • A variety of MISSIONS, quests and quests will help you get even more rewards and treasures.
  • Generous promotions will give you the advantage of winning!
  • Bloody online battles in PvP and PvE mode!
  • Build a grandiose EMPIRE! Take the championship on the server!
  • Develop your castle, TRADE with other players and explore new technologies!
  • Create a powerful army! 4 classes and 8 subclasses of combat units: infantry, cavalry, arrows, siege weapons and diabolical traps! Each of which has its own fighting characteristics
  • Grow your own DRAGON! Spill the blood! Let enemies fall at your feet!
  • A built-in translator will help you to get acquainted with players all over the world!
  • Show skill online DIPLOMACIES! Communicate in real time and conclude contracts with other clans!
  • Pull out the sword worthy of the King of the TSAGRADA!
  • Pray to the GODS, and they give you unprecedented power to seize the throne! Become a hero of the Middle Ages!
  • Take part in the battle! Prove that you are worthy of the power of the Gods! Become the one who writes the RULES OF WAR!
  • The revised VIP system. Get VIP experience by performing tasks and participating in battle of castles

The plot of the game takes us to the Medieval Kingdom. In a steep fantasy world full of magic and magic, in which mysterious creatures rule: trolls, ents, orcs, barbarians, pirates, mages and spiders of arachnids! Walk through the creepy dungeons and destruye el diablo!
Penetrated from the ancient portal of the devil’s monster and terrible monsters took shelter under the protection of the four towers and keep in fear the whole kingdom. You and your lords, the legendary knights of a whole era, have to fight for the whole empire. The fate of the whole civilization is in your hands! Look at the face of death! Prove that you are a real hero! Destroy the strongest bosses! Participate in tournaments, fight and win in the arena! Create an Alliance and assemble the best team of warriors, only in this way you will be able to withstand the ancient threat that enveloped the whole world.

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