Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Simulation
Developers: Kairosoft Co.,Ltd
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Game Dev Story – an exciting business simulator in which you have to take over the company to develop computer games. The creation of Game Dev Story was done by Kairosoft studio, which released a whole series of simulators known for their original approach, combining pixel graphics and serious, thoughtful gameplay.
Having received at your disposal a small company your task for a period of 20 game years to turn it into a profitable business system, trying to create a mega-hit game. By hiring personnel, increasing their skills and abilities, improving working conditions, performing various tasks in the end you will be able to achieve your goal. At the end of the allotted game period, the results will be summed up and depending on the results you will get a reward, but it’s not only bonuses, but also additional game modes and capabilities that will allow the game to go on more than once. Another feature of the Game Dev Story for Android is a customizable game console that will allow you to create your own interface.

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