Firedrake VR: The Crypts Of The Golem King

Firedrake VR: The Crypts Of The Golem King

Uploaded: March 4, 2018
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Category : Daydream
Developers: huesgfx
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Firedrake VR is a dynamic first person sword and sorcery RPG for mobile Virtual Reality, set in the vast and mysterious kingdom of Dorin. Use your sword and shield to explore and defeat the many minions of Ozmot who threaten the realm.

Can you unearth the long forgotten Crypt of the Golem King? Where legend says an ancient weapon of power; the cursed Bow of the Wyvern may have been secreted away.

In adventure #2 Of the Firedrake Saga, The Necromages of Ozmot are recruiting the dark forces of evil to find ancient and powerful artifacts scattered throughout the kingdom of Dorin
Discover magic items and weapons and go on quests to obtain new abilities, all the while trying to uncover the nefarious plot of the Necromagesof Ozmot and their pursuit to exhume the long vanquished Red Dragons.

Will you brave the dark horrors of the crypt, solve its riddles and recover the weapon before the minions Of Ozmot discover it?

Firedrake: The Crypts Of The Golem King is an EXTREAM VR experience. Featuring fast paced free roaming 1st person movement, hard hitting melee combat, jump scares, 3D heights and claustrophobic environments. It is intended for advanced VR users.

-A Bluetooth Game Controller is required. Native support for SteelSeries XL (but most generic Bluetooth controllers will work)

– A high performance device is recommended for best gameplay.

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