Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends

Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Puzzle
Developers: Artifex Mundi
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You will play for a young girl, named Mary Gilbert, the famous botanist and keeper of the flower of the fern. Your usual trip to your brother will turn into a clash between people and gods! You have to plunge into the mysterious world of the ancient pagan deities of Eastern Europe. when you arrive at your brother, you find that he is locked up by an evil sorcerer, at the other end of the rainbow in the city hovering among the clouds. You will need to save your brother and restore the ancient covenant between people and gods.

Game features:

  • Over 40 puzzles
  • 30 exciting locations


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Many mythical creatures
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