Escape from LaVille 2

Escape from LaVille 2

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Puzzle
Developers: Gabriele Pellistri
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Escape from LaVille 2 – a quest with an intricate story will tell you about a doctor who put the experiments on people and created a deadly virus. People living in the area of ​​Laville suffered a dangerous epidemic, and to investigate this case was sent to Detective Campbell. He will have to open this case, find evidence and unravel the mystery of the uprising of the dead. He penetrated into the dangerous territory affected by the epidemic, went into the house of the scientist, and on this connection with the detective was lost. It turned out that the scientist created a dangerous virus and began to conduct experiments, making his son a zombie, but this he did not stop and infected all people living in the district. Visit the scientist’s house and unravel all his secrets and find the missing detective.

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