DungeonClash Пробуждение Ареса

DungeonClash Пробуждение Ареса

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Role Playing
Developers: 4399 NET LIMITED
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DungeonClash: Ares awakening – RPG on android, with a magical 3D world and epic fights in the style of Diablo. Plunge headlong into this amazing and unique world with lightning battles and battles 3 to 3 with players from around the world. Create your invincible guilds with your friends and fight with powerful opponents. This unique and unique world is full of fantasies and legends where you will rule a god who is able to resist the ancient evil that has broken out of the underworld and threatens to destroy the whole world. Control your hero with one touch of your finger to the screen and use different types of fighting with opponents, trying to even blow them up. Also do not forget to guard the tower of the Goddess, not letting the enemies get to it. Acquire a unique outfit for your warrior and make him stronger.

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