Dungeon Time Turbo (Unreleased)

Dungeon Time Turbo (Unreleased)

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Action
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Dungeon Time Turbo (Unreleased) – a high-quality action – an arcade story that develops around four adventurers and adventurers who have been given the task of finding some magician known as Prophet. Having gathered together our heroes go in search of the magician in order to find out from him what all the same is happening in the world and whether everything is really moving to completion. But the quest was much more difficult than it seemed to our heroes, the magician took cover in the dungeon and surrounded himself with a guard of zombies, sorcerers, demons and other evil spirits.
Dungeon Time Turbo is an arcade action game with a top view that, in addition to excellent graphics, dynamic gameplay another feature, the support of cooperative mode, in which you can play the game with friends.

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