Donald’s Coins – To be rich, buy the whole world

Donald’s Coins – To be rich, buy the whole world

Uploaded: February 5, 2018
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Category : Daydream
Developers: JOI.GAMES
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Hey Chief,

Donald reporting for duty!

I am a coin maker and I am dedicated to make coins just for you!

Lets get started on making our millions so that we can BUY THE WORLD. I just need you to encourage me by tapping so that I can make us the money faster. Tap Tap Tap & Buy Buy Buy!!

– Our mission- Collect coins and buy the world or the universe?

– Upgrade my tools and surroundings to help me make money faster

– Work with me by tapping and collecting the chest because if the chest is full I can’t work!

More Features-

– Buy multiple continents! Or ALL OF THEM!!

– Fun characters- Donald, Hillary, Obama, Che and Kim 😉

– Choose the items carefully because they have secrets like different powers of income. Some more and some less.

– Bonus boss, many bonuses available just for you! Just keep TAPPING….

– Many new features are yet to come! Join and get surprized!

Absolutely FREE to PLAY!! Download and start tapping!

-> Things you must know

-> This app is an idle clicker game; it has nothing to do with gambling or sexuality.

-> It's suitable for everybody

What are you waiting for? Tap on! 😉

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