Destiny Fails Us: A New Life

Destiny Fails Us: A New Life

Uploaded: March 4, 2018
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Category : Daydream
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“Maybe it’s time to start a new life…”

The story of Destiny Fails Us takes place in the Pacific Northwest, in the fictional town of Moirai. It follows the life of Idril Ar’Feinel, a girl who spends most of her time playing video games instead of doing her homework.

Idril’s grades are slipping, her mom is upset with her, her friends are struggling with their own problems, and she just had her first kiss. On top of that, there’s a school dance coming up for Valentine’s Day.

Can Idril improve her grades? Will she get a date to the dance? Or will she hang out with her friends instead?

200 choice menus
6 Romances & 3 Friendships
Message Idril’s friends with her phone
7 Different Endings
Dyslexia Friendly Font Option
CG Gallery with 50+ Event CGs
Music Room with Original Soundtrack
2 Interface Options (“Pink” and “Black & White”)

RATING: This visual novel contains some mild physical violence, mild swearing (with an option to censor those swears), and a brief optional scene where another character smokes marijuana in the vicinity of the main character.

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