Delivery 2 Planet: Ultimate

Delivery 2 Planet: Ultimate

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Puzzle
Developers: Quaint Emerald
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Delivery 2 Planet: Ultimate is an exciting puzzle game in which you need to fly a rocket through the levels. At each stage there are stars that need to be collected. The game is made in an interesting graphic style. I’m sure that the game will appeal to all lovers of interesting puzzles. A large number of levels will make you long to sit down for a game.

Game features:

  • Use different kinds of effects on rockets: shields, portals, etc.
  • Managing multiple missiles simultaneously
  • Discover new gameplay capabilities during the game.
  • 4 chapters with 10 levels and in each
  • li>

  • 8 additional levels
  • 16 achievements
  • Amazing Pug
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