Defend the Cake

Defend the Cake

Uploaded: March 4, 2018
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Category : Daydream
Developers: Defend the Cake LLC
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From a team of former Blizzard & Riot developers comes the most delicious tower defense game! Help Eggperor Shellemane and the Eggbirds keep their cakes safe from an onslaught of persistent insects. The game begins when you place your tasty cake castle on the map. Choose carefully; there are armies of ants on their way to steal a slice! After that, it’s time to plan your strategy. Build your maze to outsmart the mischievous ants and protect your prized cake. Use watermelon slingshots and frosting guns to thwart the onslaught of bees, rocket snails, and ants on scooters!

Key Features:
– Tower Defense that requires strategic thinking and tactical timing to defend your Cake from an onslaught of hungry bugs
– Place your Cake, you decide where the path will lead
– Strategically shape the path using Toast Walls, and create a maze for the enemy bugs
– 18 challenging levels, each introduces a new enemy to contend with
– 6 unique defenses with 2 upgrades each
– Day/Night cycle: Take as much time as you like to plan your defenses during the Day, then when you’re ready, fend off waves of bugs in real time at Night by Powering Up your defenses
– Can you top the leaderboard? Test your best defense in Score Attack!
– Over 9,000 calories of fun
– All the cake you can eat… WAIT NO!

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