Dark Empire – Working Title (Unreleased)

Dark Empire – Working Title (Unreleased)

Uploaded: February 4, 2018
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Category : Adventure

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Studio SEGA is one of the largest developers of both games and consoles for them. At one time, SEGA paid great attention to arcades and this was due to the requirements of gaming platforms. With the development of mobile devices, SEGA turned its attention not only to porting its own hits, but also to developing seemingly unrelated directions including strategies.
Dark Empire – Working Title – one of the first SEGA projects in which they not only turned their attention to the genre of strategy, but also decided to experiment with game mechanics.
And so, we have a tactical strategy in which you have to fight with hordes of monsters, thereby beating off territory outside the territory. Of course there is a system of development and pumping. In addition, the gameplay is significantly diluted with elements of card games.

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